Awards and Honors

  • IFPI Awards
    146 certified gold and platinum awards (1997-2018)
  • Other Awards
    • Apple Distinguished Professional (2009)
    • Danish Grammy nominated for Producer of the Year (1999)


  • Mastering
    Mastered for iTunes Certified (2012)
  • Logic Pro
    • Apple Authorized Training Center (2009)
    • Certified Trainer in Logic Pro (2006)

Other Work

  • Technical Advisor
    • Best practices and delivery formats in mastering, Universal Music (2012)
    • Guidelines for radio spot production for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (2005)
  • Guest Lecturer
    • University College South Denmark - Sonic College (2011-2016)
    • The Rhythmic Music Conservatory (2004)

Holger Lagerfeldt

25 Years Of Experience

Holger Lagerfeldt has worked full-time in the music business since 1994. In 1999 he founded the production company

After a ten year stretch of making pop hits for Danish and international artists such as SOAP, Blå Øjne, Aqua, DJ Aligator, S Club 7, and Ace of Base, he decided to branch out and expand the business in 2004.

Platinum Audio Group was set up as a parent company to accommodate the diversity and technical aspects of the four daughter companies, all of which have obtained leading market positions.

Calling card
Business and Customer Philosophy
  • No compromises on quality
  • Superior and updated expertise
  • Delivery on time and within specs
  • Transparent pricing
  • Customer is king - satisfaction guaranteed
Holger Lagerfeldt
Personal Life

Holger lives on the island of Funen with his wife Sunniva and three sons on a 5 acre country estate. Hobbies include comics, retro computers, gourmet food, and Bonsai. Out of the 37 countries he has traveled, Japan is his favorite. On weekends he likes to watch movies and play games with his friends.


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